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POV: your brand works with TikTok ads

These tips help you reach the best performance

TikTok is huge. In September 2022 the app exceeded one billion users. It means that the platform provides access to a massive active audience for your brand in more than 150 countries. One more impressive number is that 92% of users take action after watching a TikTok video. But how can companies make their ad work? We collected helpful tips and TikTok mobile creative ads’ best practices.

How to create TikTok ads for the best performance

TikTok is a platform for creating short snappy videos. This is where trends are born. Indeed, many of those who do not use TikTok have seen videos from the app on other resources.

TikTok offers several options for creating video ads. Each of them allows you to produce different types of mobile ad creatives. TikTok focused on creative content rather than standard lifestyle. Therefore, in order for ads to compete with user-generated content (UGS) videos, they must capture the user’s attention and follow the trends of the platform. Besides this, there are also some universal practical rules and tricks that may help you to make creative video ads more efficient. 

Lowest CPC

With over a billion active users all over the world, TikTok offers a huge potential market for mobile gaming. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub report, consumers spent $535 million via their TikTok app in Q2 2021. Moreover, TikTok has one of the lowest CPCs compared to other social platforms — $1.00 per click (e.g. on Instagram it’s $3.56 per click whereas on YouTube it’s $3.21 per click).

In addition to the CPC, advertising on different social media (for example, on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook) also differ in several other indicators. First, the target audience on TikTok is mostly Gen Z (60% of users). Secondly, TikTok also shows greater engagement due to feed algorithms. For example, on Instagram, a new account has no reach, which means the algorithm has no interest in this page, and publications are not promoted by the platform.

In TikTok, the video gets into the recommendations according to the user’s interest. If the user interest coincides with the comparable one, the involvement grows. The video appears in the recommendations of an increasing number of users. At the same time, even an old video can still collect impressions and likes in the future.

Advertising on social networks should be a part of your marketing strategy, it’s a tool that helps grow user acquisition for mobile games. A good ad should interest users in going to the store and choosing your game and downloading it.

TikTok ads in mobile games’ best practices

Taking into account all the possibilities of the app as well as the features of the mobile games category, we can derive several rules that will work for promotion on TikTok.

TikTok game ads examples

Everyone is already on TikTok. Therefore, examples of different advertising from brands can be found on the platform. Below there are a few examples of game advertising and different types of ad creatives in this category:

1. This ad uses the common TikTok trend of short interviews on the street. In this case, the question is “What is the best game you have on your phone right now?” These ads look native and similar to user-generated content.

2. This ad also uses the popular TikTok trend “She/He is a 10, but….”. It’s a native format that looks more like UGC, than a standard ad.

3. Animated advertising with a voice-over tells viewers about the game’s mechanics. This ad describes the game’s functionality, graphics, and main features.

TikTok ads made by Ardor Media

Ardor Media can help to make your brand noticed with animation, video, and creative ads. Ardor combines innovative ideas with creative technology to produce remarkable marketing assets for companies, nonprofits, and social enterprises.

Made in the style of user-generated content, this ad clearly demonstrates the benefits of the application.

An advertisement that combines feedback from real players and a demonstration of game functionality, graphics, and sounds.

This advertisement is divided into two parts. The first uses the popular TikTok voice acting, which is often seen in user videos. The second part demonstrates the gameplay and graphics of the game.

In advertising, a user demonstrates the game interface and talks about his success in the game, describing its main features. 

The Ardor Media team helps brands create unique content for TikTok that meets the interests of the target audience and is in line with the trends of the platform and will also help your brand to reach the required KPI.

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