Clutch Recognizes Ardor as Leading B2B Provider in Belarus

Clutch’s robust team of researchers analyzed thousands of talented service providers in the region and recognized Ardor for being a top B2B provider in Belarus!

Outsourcing digital marketing is almost never simple. Clients are frustrated with the task of selecting a vendor that knows how to generate qualified leads. And, when your time and money are at stake, you want to maximize your ROI by choosing a trustworthy partner.

This is where client testimonials are critical. Customer reviews lend credibility to creative providers like Ardor, validating us as a viable choice for digital marketing needs.

We have plenty of customers from both start-ups and SMEs who can attest to our exceptional skills in providing creatives that work. Our reviews can be found on Clutch, a data-driven B2B marketplace that publishes detailed and honest reviews of business engagements.

What’s more, we’re proud to announce that Clutch just recognized us for being a top B2B provider in Belarus!


This is a big deal—Clutch’s robust team of researchers analyzes thousands of talented service providers in the region, and we’ve beaten out the rest.

Our CEO, Sergey Berushko, says: “Receiving this award is a great team achievement for the company because our main value is providing the best customer service for our clients in CIS and Europe!”

We all share his enthusiasm here at Ardor.

Ardor provides end-to-end marketing solutions for startups, mature scale-ups, and SMEs. We leverage marketing trends and best practices to deliver scroll-stopping solutions. We specialize in media that showcases your brand’s personality that will undoubtedly win over your target audience.

In a recent project, we produced a variety of videos for an educational startup. We spearheaded motion design, voiceovers, editing, and even post-production support.

And our client was thrilled with our work!

Ardor gets review

Customer satisfaction is our biggest yardstick for success, so we were ecstatic to receive such a rave review. And this client is just one among many!

All this positive feedback proves we’re the right choice for your next project. Come talk to us about it today!

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